What does Münchow Treuhand GmbH StBG stand for?

About us

The firm was established on 1 January 2019 with Michael Münchow as Founding Partner. We are convinced that our commitment to our clients serves the purpose of providing our employees with a working environment in which they feel comfortable and which helps them to fulfil their personal and professional goals. We live by the motto: "People before profit".

Our company history has proven this: Our employees can develop their full potential for our clients because they work in an environment characterised by harmony, trust and fairness. Our clients value us for this. We believe that digitalisation offers more than just process simplification. For us, digitalisation is an opportunity to carry out our day-to-day office work with greater sustainability and to drive forward our efforts to protect the environment.

The philosophy of our law firm is based on two pillars. These pillars are our clients and our employees.

Our clients

We believe that the future of tax consultancy and active tax structuring lies in specialisation.

Our employees therefore endeavour to specialise in the respective areas for the benefit of our clients. This enables us to offer above-average services in our core areas of expertise. However, this also means that we communicate openly with our clients if a request for advice does not fall within our area of expertise. We then help to find a suitable consultant with the help of our large network.

We believe that a "boutique size" law firm is more effective in its areas of specialisation than a firm that forces growth by accepting all client enquiries without filtering.

For this reason, we try to find out in the initial meeting with our client whether the orientation and long-term goals of our client are in line with our firm's profile. Our experience has shown that this creates a strong bond between the law firm, the employees and the clients.

We are convinced that it is better to provide excellent advice to existing mandates than to focus on growth.

We are proud to see how our existing mandates have continued to develop - even through the Covid pandemic. The bonds we have forged with our clients have withstood all challenges; a collaboration on an equal footing.

Our employees

We believe that every employee has incredible potential.

We therefore actively try to work with our employees to recognise and develop their strengths. We believe it is important for our employees to fulfil their goals, wishes and values in their private lives in order to be able to develop their full potential for our clients.

We are firmly convinced that it is more important that our employees burn for their clients than that our employees burn for a multitude of different mandates.

Our employees have direct contact with our clients and many aspects of our day-to-day advisory practice pass directly through the hands of our team. The management's close contact with the entire team makes it possible to find out which client with which focus is best suited to the respective agent.

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